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Web Sites


JEWEL does not provide a full graphic design service.

However Judith's experience with over a dozen web-sites means JEWEL can provide help with simple brochure sites that load fast and work on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

  • Site design and navigation
    • simple (ie no java script)
    • or with dropdown menus for a little more
  • Page development from text and photos supplied by you
  • Page development from a general description of your business at an hourly rate
  • A site map
  • Forms
  • Search engine registration
Plus help on accessing your domain email

For the more adventurous:

  • Instructions on how to maintain text and photos in html
Here are some examples of what JEWEL has done recently:
NoneX New Zealand Reverse engineered to match parent site
Winter Warmup Simple brochure site
Toomey Services Linked to simple online shopping
JEWEL Simple navigation
Hot spots within images ie click the OK button on the Invoice form
Belly Raqs Thumbnail navigation
Cycling images
NZ Institute of Hazardous Substance Management Simple navigation
Munka Szabadság Mutilingual site for Hungarian coming to New Zealand for a working holiday
Firework Professionals Site maintained from original SPIS design
JEWEL added new content, galleries, expanded navigation
Also added site map and forms
Tuned site to take it from Google's position 65 to number 1

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