What people have said about JEWEL:

Steve Krenek, Technical Director Streat Instruments (2014)

We have employed Judith on numerous occasions to expand, modify and maintain our complex online-database. She has always delivered excellent results, on time, and for reasonable cost. She is a pleasure to work with.
Anthony Lealand, CEO Firework Professionals Ltd (2008)
"Firework Professionals Ltd have used the services of JEWEL for a number of years.

They have produced finely crafted and detailed Excel macros for us to run our quoting system, producing a selling document with photographs, an executive summary and the complete quote for the accountant.

As well it produces a list of items to be picked from stock and sends the information to the accounting program.

JEWEL has also made our life easier in ways such as producing templates for standard documents such as staff newsletter, looking after our e-mail system addresses, and maintaining our website for us.

As well they have maintained our Google AdWords advertising programme.

We just ring them up and tell them to do it and it all happens, and surprisingly quickly.

Call me if you want a reference, 03 982 3473"

Fatina, Art of Belly Dance (2006)
"I approached Jewel to design my web site with only an overall concept of what I did want and a list of things I didn't. Jewel worked with me to produce exactly what I was after. A good looking, easy to navigate, easy to update web site. Jewel also provided all the tuition and back up I required to maintain my web page myself. A very quick, thorough and professional company I would not hesitate to recommend."

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