Judith JEWEL has been created by Judith from her own experience in small business.

Judith brings a range of experience to JEWEL:

  • Worked in IT industry since 1988 - in a variety of languages
    • PHP (accessing MYSQL)
    • VB script (accessing MSSQL)
    • VBA (macros in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, including interfacing to MSSQL & MYSQL)
    • JADE (part of a team writing the enrolment application Jasper, and converting LINC systems to JADE)
    • LINC (part of the team writing LINC development code)
    • Cobol (Unisys A-Series with DMSII)
    • C/Unix
    • PLC (various - controlling conveyors from Tiwai to Belfast)

    - and in a variety of roles:
    • design
    • analysis
    • programming
    • training
    • testing
    • site acceptance
    • quality control

  • Experience with over a dozen small to medium web sites including design, implementation and maintenance
  • Engineering discipline and practicality (BE(Electrical))
  • Hands on experience in a range of her own micro-businesses including farming, dancing, and contracting.
  • Track record of finding innovative solutions to problems
  • Formal training and experience in teaching
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