Judith's Exercise Dancing FAQs

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What is "Exercise Dancing"

Exercise by dancing and dancing with an emphasis on exercise. Judith exercise dancing.

With Exercise Dancing it is hoped that you don't just work up a sweat but feel moved by the music and let a little of your joy shine through.

Classes are based around getting the big muscles of the legs working. But you will also use hips, arms and shoulders. You can just move your feet - or you can add embellishments with other parts of your body.

Exercise Dancing can also give your brain a workout if you decide to add those extra layers!

Do I need to be able to dance?

No. If you can walk you can take a class.

What sort of dance is it?

It is a freestyle fusion dance based on a number of influences including modern jazz and belly dance.

It is not a partner dance.

Do I need to remember lots of different steps?

No. Most of the sequences are very short and they are repeated for most of a track. And you can follow Judith most of the time.

What sort of music is used?

The music is chosen for its strong beat and interest for dancing. It could be pop, rock or even blues - for instance Eurythmics, Stones, Saffire.

What is it?    Teaching    Money    Gear    Joining   


Who takes the classes?

All classes are taken by Judith.

Will dance moves be taught?

Yes, there will be some time dedicated to teaching how to get your body to move - but there is no pressure to perfect movement - providing your variation looks safe.

More help will be given on request - providing the class as a whole are interested.

Is it safe?

Judith has been teaching dance to adults for over 17 years and during that time has studied the theory of Safe Dance Practice at QUT and has had over 100 hours of practical training with a sports physio. Classes will be safe as she can make them - but she is not a physio or a doctor. If you have known injuries or problems please clear the class with a registered medical practitioner.

Listen to your body.

What is it?    Teaching    Money    Gear    Joining   


How much are the 30-minute classes?

Casual - $10 per class
The full month depends on the number of classes eg:

9-30 January - $25 (South Brighton)
6-27 February - $25 (South Brighton)
5-26 March - $25 (South Brighton)

Cash only (or internet transfer by arrangement)

How much are the classes for a group?*

Judith is available to take groups for one off or a series of classes at your venue or at the South Brighton studio. An additional charge will be required for other studios (typically $25/hour).
One Off 1-hour Class $100
Four or more 1-hour Classes $80 each class
One Off 30-minute Class $70
Four or more 30-minute Classes $60 each class
Small class special (1-4 people up to 1 hour) $50

How much are the on going classes?

Casual - $10 per class
Calendar month (1 class per week) - $30 (South Brighton - or your venue only)

Cash only (although cards can be bought by internet transfer by arrangement)

What conditions are on the concession card?*

  • Cards are only valid for ongoing classes - not specials
  • Cards are valid for 2 months from issue for a single person
  • Cards are valid for 6 consecutive weeks when bought "two-for-one"
  • Cards may be shared
  • Cards are valid for any class except WEA and Risingholme classes

What if I need a refund?

  • Refunds are only available if the class at suburb of issue is cancelled
  • Refunds must be claimed within the 2 month valid period by the purchaser
  • Only unused sessions will be refunded

What is it?    Teaching    Money    Gear    Joining   


What do I wear?

You can wear comfortable clothes to exercise in - or if you prefer something to feel a little bit special.

A supportive bra is recommended

Footwear should enable you to move so high heels are not recommended. Some venues (such as Drake Street) are "No Street Shoes" - so bare feet or indoor shoes for the class.

Do I need any special gear?


What is it?    Teaching    Money    Gear    Joining   

Joining a Class

How do I join a class?

Just turn up at one of the classes listed a few minutes before the start time.

Please check no more than a week ahead that your class is still available. Low class numbers may lead to cancellation.

Something Else?

If your question is not covered, please feel free to contact us.
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