About Us

Actual "us" is me, Judith.


Judith. I have always loved to dance. In the late 70s this was given some structure with classes in modern jazz. Then in the 90s I discovered belly dance and a whole new world opened up.

After a few years I started teaching Middle Eastern folkloric and belly dance. Then, as an older adult with non-dance students, I developed an interest in Safe Dance Practice while attending dance workshops in Brisbane. There an experienced sports physio provided hands on classes looking at what bodies can, can't and should not do. In addition to several private classes with Michael, I tackled Queensland University of Technology's Safe Dance Practices unit and passed it with high distinction in 2002 (completing a Certificate in Dance Teaching the following year). Over the years, I have continued to maintain my expertise.

The Shift

Although I still teach dance, I have been aware that performance - with attention to technique, costumes, choreography and rehearsals - is not for everyone. Many more just want to dance; for fun; for exercise.

There are a number of non-performance classes out there but there was still a gap. Many are partner dances - and although you don't need to take a partner along to learn, you do end up (if you are a woman) dancing with range of men of varying competence, personal hygiene and social skills. In most partner dances you are led - even if you are more advanced than your partner.

Then there are the classes which ignore female anatomy; joggling breasts to an uncomfortable degree. Or are unsuitable for larger women demanding hopping, jumping, or the embarrassment of being too heavy for a partner lift. Or ignore the slow loss of flexibility with age and a lifetime of injuries.

So I decided to take the skills I've learnt teaching dance for over 14 years with the experience of a few decades of living, and I'm offering an option which I just call "Exercise Dancing"

Exercise Dancing

Exercise Dancing is based around getting the big muscles of the legs working. Your feet keep the beat and your legs push the blood around your body. But the idea is you are stepping with the music - listening and feeling it. One of my teachers often said "dancing is just walking".

I will lead a short combination that I think fits (and fits in with the structure of the class). The most basic may be just walking forward, back, sideways.

But at times there will also use hips, ribs, arms, shoulders, hands, head, etc. This gives your dance texture and expression. When this happens there will be a short lesson teaching how you can achieve this effect. How many repetitions this takes to catch will depend on your body awareness and any existing limitations due to (for example) genetics, flexibility, or injury.

But the emphasis is on using the movement vocabulary to move - not getting precise technique correct. Try it and use it as it suits you.

If you'd like to give it a try here are the classes I'm offering.

Or if you'd like to try the belly dance - here's some information on my belly dance classes and performance

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