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Excel Automation Example

Firework Professionals Ltd need to create very complex quotes detailing the pyro and additional hardware required to fire it. They contacted JEWEL and listed some of their requirements:
  • System must be easy to use by office staff
  • Stock - both pyro and hardware - must be updateable by staff
  • Relationship between pyro and hardware must be updateable by staff
  • Additional hardware must be automatically added into the quote template
  • Quotes must be easy to navigate
  • Current stock level must be available to staff creating quotes - taking into account future shows
  • Client version of the quote must strip out unused stock
  • Client version of the quote may include photos
  • Multiple versions of a client quote must be stored and switchable
  • Quotes must be able to generate a pick list by storage area
  • Quotes must be able to create a file that can be imported into MYOB
  • Stock, relationships, and quotes all to be stored in Excel
  • System must be able to run on Windows 98 and Office 97-XP
JEWEL was able to help. The front line staff can now click on a single button which will create a new quote which meets all of the requirements.

Click to create a new quote. FPL toolbar.

Clicking the button brings up a userform.

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